My Second Blog Is it safe for Pets?

When I first started talking to people about essential oils I had a person tell me my cats were going to get sick and die from essential oils and I should not use them. I then looked on the web.... 
Oh boy! The stories were terrifying! 

So I set out to chat with people that were more knowledgeable than myself when it comes to oils. I was given some sheets on how to use essential oils with dogs, cats and horses. I was assured essential oils when used properly were much safer than the harsh chemicals that I had been cleaning the house with. 

Like the bathroom cleaner I held my breath while using. Those were causing way more problems for my cats! All I could think was "and my cats like to lick water up from the bathtub". I look back and shutter with horror at what I did not know.

Fortunately we now have a panel of pet experts, including veterinarians, working with doTERRA to educate people on how to use essential oils safely with their pets and livestock.

I am currently working on certification on how to use acupressure for pets. My intent is to help my connections use their essential oils in a more effective way for their pets. Rascal in the video below and her brother were my test subjects for the first course in the certification. They did enjoy it very much.

The video shows Rascal being introduced to Magnolia essential oil and approving it. If you are new to essential oils and so is your pet, try introducing oils with the cap on. Rascal by the time this video was taken was quite used to oils. She however is still quite expressive when she says no to a particular oil. I am not allowed to use my favorite hair spray unless I am leaving the house. She does not like Ylang Ylang. However this is a good example of Rascal saying yes. 
If you would like the charts on pets and essential oils fill out the form for the free guide and in the message section mention that you would like them. Looking forward to helping you and your pets on Your Road to ReNew You.

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