Fifty-First Blog METABOLIC update

Hi, so excited to share my first 10 days with you as I start to use the new MetaPWR System. I am looking forward to seeing how my energy level gets affected, how my weight may change, if my sleep gets better, how the injuries I have feel. 

There are so many systems of the body that are affected by our metabolism and I am thrilled to be able to share my road to renewal with you. Please be kind, I have been very vulnerable with you in the daily updates. 

Wednesday October 12th, Day 1
My kit arrived! 
I am thrilled to try this and can not wait until tomorrow to start. Soooo I am having an Advantage right now instead of tomorrow morning. (Now is lunch time) It tastes good, I like it. It needs to sit a bit longer before I drink it tomorrow though. It is a bit gritty. Likely I did not stir it enough. Will let you know tomorrow if it is better. I took an Assist with lunch and after lunch I did take a softgel as well. So Morning and lunch at one meal. Crazy I know but well I want to try

At dinner I did take the softgel. I must say that I have more energy than usual. I feel pretty good.

Thursday October 13th, Day 2
This morning I added the Advantage into my smoothie that I put my LLV in. (life long vitality) big mistake... gritty. I did not let it sit long enough in the water again. Great taste though. I forgot to add he MetaPWR essential oil to it. 

Ok so I am sitting down to tell you about lunch but I have to say that my energy level is way up.  I must share with you now that my digestion over the last 21 years, well most of my life really, has been very bad. Things are now moving through me well, and I am feeling great. I feel thinner. I do not mean that I have lost weight, I am just feeling thinner as things are moving through my body instead of staying an extended amount of time.

So at lunch; I took the Assist with my LLV before eating and the softgel after. My energy level is up. This is a huge change. I would normally be wiped out after doing all the things I have been doing. I am shocked and surprised at how fast the change is taking place. 

 At dinner I again followed protocol and took the Softgel after eating. Normally I would be looking to just sit on the couch and do nothing either physically or mentally. I feel alert and alive like I have not felt in a long time.

Friday October 14th, Day 3 
I am waking up with an amazing amount of energy so I am dancing around the house as I feed the cat and look after things. 
To update you on Advantage, I let the powder and my LLV sit in water for a few minutes before adding the blue berries and it was a success. My smoothie a citrusy good taste, but I think I am going to try it on its own just in a glass tomorrow.  

I know I talked a bit yesterday about how things are moving through me. It is truly amazing and I am sorry... three bowel movements yesterday and one already before breakfast and another just after breakfast! No wonder I have now lost 2 lbs. The food that has been stuck and not moving, has started to clear. Do not worry there is no rushing to "the room". Just often regular movements. My system is in way better working order now. I am so excited. 

I missed supper tonight. I did not plan on staying out as long as I did and I resorted to one of the only things I can eat commercially prepared. A box of cookies for dinner. I am so disappointed in my lack of planning and I was hoping to be the pillar of virtue and possibilities. Guess I get to stay humble and real with you. I like that better.😉  I did take the MetaPWR soft get when I got home and my energy is still up. I hope to get back on track tomorrow.

Saturday October 15th, Day 4
Even with the food mess-up yesterday I still woke up with a ton of energy. I am feeling better and my posture seems to be better. I tore the Supraspinatus tendons (both shoulders) and on one shoulder the scapularis tendon, at work with the wheelchair lift doors. I am not feeling as much stiffness in my right shoulder which is the worst one. It seems to be moving quite well. I am ecstatic. 

Wow my bowel is still moving things along. I have never felt so thin. I have not lost anymore weight. Probably due to the cookies for dinner last I just feel emptier in my abdomen. It is a good feeling. I had not realized that there was so much pressure in there until now.

Sleep, I slept last night like I have not slept since before I was assaulted. When my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep. It was a deep sleep. Restful and filled with positive dreams. Since the assault I have been afraid to sleep. My sleep was light and filled with things that were frightening. So I never went truly into a REM sleep and in order for our brain to rest we must get there. I feel so energized and rested. I do not think I have woke so happy in years.

                                      Advantage in the glass with about 4 oz of water is good. 

I took my LLV and Assist before lunch and a softgel after. Normally I can do things for a day or two and then major fatigue sets in and I can do nothing for two or three days. I truly think the Assist is assisting. (Sorry I could not pass that up.) The energy I have, I am so emotional about this change. I am crying with relief. I have felt such despair and been so hard on myself as I fumble my way through the simplest tasks and just getting the bare minimum done. I have the ability to move more and voluntarily went to the mailbox at the end of my complex by foot. Normally I would use the car and only pick-up the mail up as I was leaving or coming back home. I feel so liberated. 

Took the MetaPWR softgel after dinner. No late night snacking....yeahhhhh 

Sunday October 16th, Day 5
So full of energy. I am getting so much done! I slept like a log again last night. I am saddened at what I was thinking was good sleep for the last few years. I am not sure how long this plethora of energy is going to last before I tank like normal, but I am willing to keep on going! 

Since tearing my shoulder tendons and having surgery on my knee I have been unable to do house work. First as I was not able to stand or even lift a spoon, then because it was fear of making things worse as the injuries were starting to heal, and all through it the emotional trauma that compacted the PTS I was already suffering, was crippling me. I have to say my house is starting to look like it used to. NO you will not see pictures until I am completely happy with it. 😉

Ok it is 1 pm and my energy has had me bouncing from one thing to another and it dawns on me I have yet to have breakfast. oops. So no MetaPWR either. My energy is starting to tank. I have to fix this.

First meal of the day done. I feel however I have sabotaged myself. I would like to go back to this morning and have three meals at the appropriate times. So important to eat correctly. 

Finished the rest of the day taking MetaPWR softgels.

Monday October 17th, Day 6 
WOW I am in shock. I am waking up with some energy. Not as much as yesterday or the day before but way more than I would have before MetaPWR and done the same not eating activities. I feel good. Surprisingly. 

My bowel has slowed some. Likely due to the less food yesterday. I hope I can get my digestive system to rev back up quickly again.

Lunch time I left in such a hurry I forgot to take my LLV and the Assist. My energy level for the afternoon was ok. I took MetaPWR essential oil blend with me and used it orally in my water and although not as energetic as I have been for the last few days. I am very happy with the continued ability to move forward and complete tasks. 
Missing diner again tonight. A friend needs a lift and I do not have time to go home. My getting back on track is not happening. 

Tuesday October 18th, Day 7
This morning I woke up with a smile on my face and was singing. I have not done that in a long while. I feel like me again. Like before the assault. 

Good start to the morning. Getting lots done. I am running behind though as I get used to accomplishing more things. This may sound strange to those of you that have never dealt with PTS or other disabling mental health issues. I am so emotional about how much clarity I have in my thoughts. I am able to feel. To do. I feel like a person again and this transformation I have worked to accomplish with coaches and therapists and found only marginal changes. Right now I feel more alive than I have in 20 years. The self doubts are disappearing. I feel like I can do anything. 

Darn did it again. Not used to accomplishing so much. I have missed lunch. And I did not have the whole amount I usually have for breakfast. I am feeling a major drop in my energy. I will have my oatmeal tomorrow and not skip it. I had lunch and then fell asleep on the couch, just in time to wake up and have dinner.

Tomorrow will be weigh in day, but with all the messed up meals I hope I did not gain weight!

Wednesday October 19th, Day 8
With all the messed up meals, I do not think a weigh-in and measure would show accurately,  so I am just going to do it on Friday. Hope you understand. I hope I can get the rest of my weeks eating habits right. I must plan ahead better.

I woke up with energy this morning. Not as much as previously but that is due to missed meals over the last few days. Normally I would be totally wiped out. I am surprised at how much energy I do have.

My digestive system is still slowed from all the missed and late meals. I hope it picks up again. I can feel the pressure building as things are not moving again.

On a happy note, my shoulder is feeling really good. Followed the same protocols today. Realized I have not been drinking enough water.

Thursday October 20th, Day 9 
Good Morning! My energy level is up again even though I stayed up late. Love all this energy I am experiencing. Another happy note my system seems to be moving better again.

what I am actually doing is taking the Advantage first thing in the morning. 
The Softgel I take before I eat with my LLV smoothie. 

At Lunch I take the Assist with my LLV before lunch and then the softgel after lunch.

At dinner time the softgel after lunch.

I feel no need to have the beedlets, gum or essential oil to stop cravings between meals. I feel full and energetic. I do generally have Peppermint in my water anyway, and now I love the taste of MetaPWR so am using it occasionally as well.

Thursday October 20th, Day 10 
Good Morning! My energy level is up even higher but it is not crazy out of control like earlier in the week when I was bouncing around from thing to thing. It has stabilized. I feel good, more flexible, stronger, and more confident. I have been getting more done and not being as tired doing it. 

My sleep has improved so much. I had no idea when I started that I was sleeping so poorly. My skin feels less brittle and smoother. I truly feel thinner and when I did the measurements this morning my waist was down 1/2 inch, my hips down a 1/4 inch, my chest down a 1/4 inch, my arms down 1/2 inch and my thigh down a 1/4 inch. My weight is down only 1 lb but I think the loss in inches is way more important. I have not been doing the recommended 30 min vigorous exercise and still lost. I am going to make a point for the next few weeks to get that in. 

So that was my first 10 days with MetaPWR thanks for sharing my road to renewal. 

If you are interested in learning more about MetaPWR or would like a free sample please contact me. There is a class coming up next week for those that are reading this on the date it is posted. If you are reading this later, please check the Events Tab and see when the next class is scheduled. 

You can also comment below and share your experience with or your questions about MetaPWR.
Remember I am here to help you, on Your Road to ReNew You.

Hi another thing, after I posted this yesterday, I had a friend say to me that my face and neck look good. They said my skin looked tighter and less saggy. YEAHHHHHH!

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