Forty-ninth Blog  Metabolic Wake-up

My road to renew myself, started with the discovery of wheat being a huge problem. Changing my diet to eliminate wheat made a huge difference and I dropped 30lbs in the space of 3 weeks. 

I did not starve myself. I was just no longer carrying around whole-body swelling that was due to my body reacting with inflammation to what I was eating. I was always swollen from head to toe before changing my diet. 

The next step in improving my digestion was when a friend introduced me to doTERRA. The products of ZenGest essential oil (called DigestZen for our US Peeps), Terrazyme and the Life Long Vitality Pack (for more information on LLV, check out this blog and for more science about Life Long Vitality this blog.) made a huge difference. 

ZenGest essential oil helped to calm and soothe my digestive system and things started to move through me better. Terrazyme was amazing for me. It helped to digest my food, being that it is a combination of digestive enzymes which created an amazing change. With both of those and the use of Life Long VItality, I have actually felt my digestive system start to heal and now I have even increased the number of foods that I can eat safely. 

Please keep in mind that this was not an overnight change. After the assault I was taking very strong pain killers that did a lot of damage to my digestive system in addition to the food sensitivities I already had. Healing has taken many years and will likely take many more. I am however excited about the next step. 

I was thinking a couple months ago that I was ready to find the next step in improving my physical and mental health, low and behold doTERRA has answered my need! I am excited about MetaPWR! 

In case you were unaware there are a few new products along with MetaPWR that were released at convention. There is a blog from a couple weeks ago that introduced the new products. You can read that blog Here.

MetaPWR excites me, and I believe you will also be excited. MetaPWR is a system that will boost your metabolism and in doing so help your energy level, ability to release weight, clear brain fog and help you live your most powerful life. This is an amazing tool to help on your road to renew you, just like it is going to help me on my road to renewal.

I do have classes coming up about MetaPWR (If you check on the Events Page you can see the date for the next scheduled class.) but let us take some time now to dig into what has me revved up and looking forward to the arrival of my kit. 

I have spent years since being assaulted being not my best self. It has been a long road with both physical and mental issues. I want more for myself. I would like to be able to think and concentrate for long hours and not get a headache. I would like to participate in physical activities and not have people think I am frail. I used to carry two 25 lbs bales of hay at a time, right now I have a problem with picking almost anything up and carrying it. Being able to go for a walk and not get tired out so fast would be fantastic. I look forward to dropping weight and getting back to my goal weight. Getting back to being able to do day-to-day stuff without the PTS taking over excites me. 

Do you think I am asking to much of myself and/or of a system of products? You might believe that. It would be understandable. Give me a few moments please. I bet I can start to change your mind and show you there is a better life waiting for you.

Let's start with some basics. There is a wellness pyramid created by doTERRA that is based in foundational health principles. You will see this picture often during classes. It truly is the foundation to living a better life. 

You can see Nutrition and digestion is the foundation that everything is built upon. Without fuel our bodies can not do what we need them to do. We will cover nutrition in class and in the meantime, if you have any questions please post in the comments below. I will get back to you.

The next level, the one we are talking about today, is Movement and Metabolism. MetaPWR stands for Metabolic Personal Wellness Realized. It truly is amazing how much depends on our bodies ability to metabolize. If our cell can not metabolize timely, we do not have the energy in our cells to think, do sports or even support the normal functioning of your body. Movement and metabolism impact all other aspects of health and wellness. 

Digging into the root of the problem is important. If only the surface is addressed we will not see lasting changes in our health. Good metabolic health means your body can digest and absorb nutrients from your food with healthy stable levels of blood sugar, blood fat and insulin.

Smart supplementation is how you get the big benefits from the choices you make daily according to the five pillars of metabolic health. 

What I/We are looking for:
  1. More Energy 
  2. More Stamina
  3. Endurance
  4. Clearer Mind
  5. Feel and Look Great
There are Three Steps to the MetaPWR system and they are easy to incorporate into the daily routine. 

Step 1

Use Two to Four of these products in your daily routine. 
The gum and beedlets can be taken at any point in the day to help you resist those cravings. MetaPWR softgels are used after meals to help level out your energy level and you can use the essential oil blend anytime of the day and in many ways.

Step 2

This is a collagen supplement that YOU ACTIVATE. That is very important as most are already activated and start to lose their effectiveness immediately. There are several sources of collagen in MetaPWR Advantage so many body systems are supported. 

Step 3

MetaPWR Assist gets added once a day to your biggest meal.

My Kit arrives next week so I will keep you up to date on how that goes. I am thinking that this is the one next thing to help me get back, FINALLY, to me feeling like me again after more than twenty years. I hope to help you on your road to renew you so your travels will not take as long. If you are interested in learning more about MetaPWR please contact me via the chat below or the contact me tab or the free sample form at the bottom of this blog. Remember there is a class coming up. Do check out the events page

Remember I am here to help you on Your Road to ReNew You.

Interested in cardiometabolic function? 
Please fill out the form and receive a free sample of MetaPWR essential oil and  MetaPWR Assist.

Looking forward to helping you on Your Road to ReNew You.

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