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Last week on the Weekly Wednesday Wisdom Live we had a question about how to help your skin look better so this week on WWWL we talked about the skin and how to help it. Here is a more indepth version of what we talked about. 

First lets' talk about the 80/20 rule. Our skin shows us what is going on in the inside of our bodies. So we can try and address our skin issues 100% on the outside to fix a problem, however that is not going to work. We need to work on the inside of us as well to improve the outside. The skin issues we experience, are in fact cellular issues and can be caused by toxicity or deficiencies. Those deficiencies and toxicity are at the core of the issues and 20% of the issue can be solved from the outside. We need to look to the inside for major permanent change. 

Each system of your body is like a part of a band or even or symphony orchestra. Each are specialized in design to perform certain body functions but the failure of any part affects the whole. Can you think of how a song would be affected if the drum section or the wind section were playing the wrong tempo or in the wrong key? The whole is affected by the one part that has issues. 

That is why you can see in many places like the skin, or other body parts like the eyes, feet and ears indications as to what and where the problem is located. The feet, hands and ears each have touch points for every part of the body. You can have pain in areas of the foot, hand or ears that indicate a problem elsewhere in your body.  In your Eyes discolouration/changes of the iris can also show an iridologist where you are having issues.  

When our digestive system is not working properly the largest organ of the body goes to work to eliminate toxins. What is the largest organ? Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Detoxing of your body can show up as dry red skin, rashes, weeping skin, rosacea, and other issues. You may not even know you are having issues of the digestive system and yet they will still show up as a blemish on the skin. Five of the most common digestive issues that result in skin rashes are Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Celiac Disease, Crohn's Disease, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). 

                          Celiac rash

                               IBS RASH                  

So what do we do about it? Nutrition is a big one. We talk about it often and there are ways to improve your nutrition level. You want to get food based vitamins like the Life Long Vitality pack. Food sourced vitamins give you the ability to actually get over 90% absorption benefit, unlike non-food sourced vitamins that you can only absorb about 20%. To learn more about LLV you can check out a previous blog HERE or more LLV science HERE.  Nutritionally speaking, other supporting options are protein shakes, greens and fiber to make or add to a smoothie. 

Nutrition is an important thing and covers deficiencies but what about toxicity? Ok there are ways to help that as well. Digestive enzymes, probiotics and essential oils can make a big difference for your digestive system.  

Digestive enzymes help break down foods making it easy to get all the benefits from them. For lots of people this is the boost their system needs. TerraZyme, from the DigestZen line of products is a powerful combination of whole-food digestive enzymes that support healthy digestion of food nutrients (Proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars, and fiber.) and cellular metabolism of the nutrients, into useable energy.  Check out this blog for more information on TerraZyme

We hear about probiotics all the time. What they do not tell us is, things like yogurt with probiotics, get digested and the majority of probiotics do not make it to the hind gut where the are actually needed. PB Assist+ is a proprietary formula of prebiotic fiber and six strains of probiotic microorganisms in a unique double layer vegetable capsule. It delivers 6 billion CFUs of active probiotic cultures and soluble prebiotic FOS (fructooligosaccharides) that encourage friendly bacterial growth. The time-release, double-capsule delivery system is designed to help protect the sensitive probiotic cultures from stomach acid. PB Assist+ offers a unique, safe, and effective way to deliver the well-recognized digestive and immune system support benefits of probiotics. If you are not a fan of pills, the PB Assist JR, is a powdered form with the same groundbreaking delivery system that gets the pro and prebiotics where they make a difference. 

When it comes to my experiences with them both. I love them. With each addition to my daily routine my digestive system has improved. I feel so much better and with the support my digestive system is healing.

On a side note, after taking antibiotics, did you know your gut takes two years, yes two years to replenish what was destroyed of good probiotics, leaving your immune system at risk. So you must replace the natural biome as fast as possible or bad stuff grows faster than your gut can build a good environment again.

Other internal assistance for healthier skin is Yarrow/Pom complex and MetaPWR Advantage. 

The Yarrow|Pom Cellular Beauty Complex combines clinically studied extracts and a powerful blend of CPTG® essential oils to provide powerful antioxidant support for healthy, luminous skin with an irresistible glow from the inside out. To learn more about Yarrow/Pom please follow this link. This is a truly wonderful choice to help. Lots of people, not just women, are enjoying the benefits.

MetaPWR Advantage is a collagen supplement that is powerful. I have people commenting on how great my skin is looking and how young I look. There are multiple sources of collagen which are easily digested and absorbed. For more information about MetaPWR Advantage and the whole MetaPWR System, follow this link for a quick overview, this link for my initial results. When I was assaulted 20+ years ago the trauma affected my perfectly smooth nails, my beautiful strong curly hair and with LLV there was improvement, now with using the collagen, my nails are improving and almost back to what they were before. My hair feels the best it has in a very long time. It is way less dry and brittle. I know our focus is skin but the hair, skin and nails are all part of our integumentary system. No I can not pronounce that either, but strangely I can spell

Ok moving on, here is another internal condition, Liver toxicity, that can result in skin rashes. 

Any time your bodies waste removal system is not working, regardless of where in your body the toxic level is, the problem can show in many places in the skin. Because rashes look very similar in many cases you can not just assume the cause. Seek professional help. Looking after your body from the inside-out is very important and once you know the cause of your rash there are natural ways to help support your body.

I expect you are now on information overload. Likely we have yet to talk about what you were expecting. What to put on your skin to help your skin.

We will cover that in next weeks blog. In the meantime, try the hand and body cream to add moisture, use Frankincense, Helichrysum or Geranium added to the hand and body cream.

 Please share your experiences below or any questions you may have. Remember I am here to help you on your road to renew you.

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