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Last night while I was teaching a class, I happened to look down and there was a purple polka-dot on my pant leg. It was sticky and I could not figure out what it was or how it got there. I even checked the bottom of the bowl I had used for dinner and there was nothing on there that could have transferred. It was a mystery how it got there. 

I continued teaching and then a little later looked down at my arm. There was a blood streak running down my arm directly to the purple spot which was now larger. I guess I absentmindedly scratched my arm and opened a pin-point size wound. Mystery solved! 

It was likely a bug bite from earlier in the day that was itchy. The reason I am bring it up, is the class started to ask questions as to how I personally would deal with the wound/bug bite which created a quick look for them into the first-aid class and brought to my attention to the fact that I do not talk about Correct-X often enough. 

Correct-X is an ointment that is a moisturizer packed with essential oils which soothe the skin and help to keep it clean. I personally love using Correct-X anytime that I have an open wound or scratch even on a burn once it is cooler to the touch. I love the fact that I can actually feel it's soothing relief. 

My first tube of Correct-X went to a friend that was having her knee replaced. I had hear people talk about it but wanted a close friend to give me their opinion. So I asked her to get back to me about what her thoughts were on how it worked. She never said anything to me, so for a time I forgot about Correct-X. When my friend was to have her second knee replacement surgery, she then came back to me and asked for another tube to purchase. She had found the Correct-X worked better for the scar on her knee after the surgery than the cream the hospital had given her. When the incision is healing it gets dry and itchy. She was looking to have an even smaller scar that felt even better the second time around.   

After my friend said how much she liked the result, I started using Correct-X for myself and the first time I did it was on an infected cut. There was heat, redness and a dry crusty edge on the wound, it was painful. I applied the Correct-X and all the symptoms, the heat, redness and dry edge,  were immediately soothed. I was shocked at how fast it worked and how much better my finger felt.

Since then I have seen how much faster things heal, when supported by such a powerful little tube of wonderfulness. The tube is small but it only takes a very small amount to make a difference. My Mom has had my last two tubes of Correct-X at her house so I was not able to use Correct-X until later that evening but did use Helichrysum right away on the pin-point problem. 

doTERRA Helichrysum is a registered Natural Health Product (NHP) with Health Canada and is just one of the powerhouse oils in Correct-X. Helichrysum has lots of uses registered with Health Canada but right now we are only concerned with it's uses in Aromatherapy as; 
- a Nervine and Calmative. 
- for symptomatic relief of Acne or Boils. 
- for symptomatic relief of Eczema and Dermatitis, 
- to relieve minor skin irritation, cuts, bruises and burns. 
So you can see why Correct-X is amazing it even works a bit like liquid stitches, I find  helps to stop bleeding faster. 

The other powerful essential oils are Frankincense, Tea Tree, Cedarwood, and Lavender—all CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™ essential oils known to help assist in soothing skin. They form the base of doTERRA Correct-X. Also included is Bisabolo and it is known for it's calming effects and ability to promote healthy looking skin. Jojoba which is similar to the natural oils found in skin provides hydration helping to also improve the appearance of the texture of your skin. 

You can see why Correct-X is truly a multi-purpose, naturally-derived ointment that helps soothe skin and keep it clean. Correct-X also provides a moisture barrier that helps protect while simultaneously soothing and hydrating the skin. This is a petroleum-free ointment which is very important. Correct-X also absorbs quickly and is gentle and non-irritating, making it ideal for sensitive skin. 

Would you like to get your tube of Correct-X today? Click this link HERE and one will be shipped to you right away. Have questions? Comment below and I will answer your questions. You can also go to the contact tab above and I will be happy to connect with you.

Remember I am here to help you on Your Road to ReNew You. God bless.

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