My Twenty-Eighth Blog Rocked to the Core

Recently we have been able to start getting out in person, to have contact with others and I have had the pleasure of teaching and giving AromaTouch. AromaTouch can help you reconnect with others by using both the power of touch, something we all need, combined with the well researched ability of essential oils to support emotional and physical wellbeing. 

We were designed to have contact with others, we were never meant to stay in solitude. I have not watched it, but have you seen the show Alone, where people are totally secluded and trying to win a challenge to stay out the longest? The commercials show people buckling and giving up after a few days, stressed because they are missing family and the power of connection. I have talked about the power of connection aspect of AromaTouch before, and we are continuing to do a series of in person classes as well, (you can join a class here) but the aspect that is currently on my mind are the physical benefits of using the oils on a person with the AromaTouch Technique.

I recently watched a person who is confined to a bed and their reaction, as I applied the oils and used the AromaTouch Technique on their feet and hands. It rocked me to the core, I saw the change in their face as the huge hard pressure point on their foot under my thumbs, a truly a massive rock-hard knot in the fleshy part below their toes soften. Their face went from a gray pallor to a pinker colour, their face relaxed and glowed for a moment. I was stunned at the change in the foot that had been over-all hard, concave, and with toes locked in a curled position with just one application of oils. 

After 3 days of oils being applied just once a day; the rock-hard spot below the toes - totally gone on one foot, the concave shape that had only the edges of the foot able to touch the ground - flattening out, the hard spot at the center of the other foot - softening, the pain - less, with standing easier. I know essential oils work. They have worked and do work for me when I have turned an ankle, had knee surgery, torn tendons in my shoulder and help with PTSD, but until you see the change in others, when oils change their life, and you can see the effect, and the power to help to make a huge difference for someone who is suffering, understanding the power of an essential oil is superficial. 

I want to teach the world how to help their family and friends with such simple actions. I want to help strangers to feel the relief that this person felt when I gave them their first, and continuing, AromaTouch application of oils. I think of a nurse that recently attended an AromaTouch Hand Technique class. She works with new mothers and those that have not been so lucky. 

This lady saw what a gift she can bring to new mothers who are feeling uneasy and how she can support the women who are not so lucky as to be new mothers. She is looking forward to helping her charges with her new-found skill of Aroma Touch Technique. Feeling the difference in her own hands as she received and practiced the technique for the first time, she realized the potential there was for helping others. 

AromaTouch can be life altering for a person who experiences pain daily, or as a one-time emotional support or an ongoing program. For both physical and emotional well being a weekly program can be the ticket. OR you may just be looking for a way to reconnect on a lighter note. Essential oils and the AromaTouch Technique might be just the answer you are looking for. 

There is an opportunity to receive on-line training with Dr. Hill (the man who created the technique) and get your essential oils at a discount. For more information feel free to fill out this form to get a hold of me if you have questions. Use this link to join us for a class. Use this link to get your Essential oil Kit and on-line training today. 

I am looking forward to connecting with you, learning more about you and sharing with you a new skill on Your Road to ReNew You.

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