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So I guess you are thinking I am going to talk about the power of flower essential oils today. I am not. :0) Today I am going to share with you a story about something that both moved and angered me. 

I used to drive bus for a large transit company that brought commuters in and out of Toronto. I did love taking people to the places they needed to go and when doing airport trips learning about people from other countries, some of their language (ask me to count to 20 in Punjabi, ;0) ) and teaching them about Canada and places for them to visit locally that fit into their interest. I even had to explain once at Union station in July that there were no ski hills available at the time of year. I even fielded questions about where the igloos were and the Mounties. All in all a great 24 years of fun and frustration.

The incident that had me both inspired and angry however happened at 16th Avenue in Markham. One of the regular passengers was in the front seat, a young 20ish man, and we were chatting as usual about nothing of great consequence, just a fill in the time enjoyable chat when we were stopped at a red light at 16th Avenue. There was a young woman with a stuffed bunny waiting at the lights. She looked to be in her late teens early 20's and was there daily. This young woman would lift her bunny often to her nose and sniff it. I recognised that she was likely a person wo suffered from great stress and anxiety and was using essential oils applied to the stuffed bunny to help her stress.  

The young man in the front seat made a very derogatory comment about a girl her age toting around a stuffed animal. I help my tongue for a moment but could not let his ignorance stay consistent. He angered me at his lack of compassion. But I also realized he may not have a clue as to the young woman's potential situation either and decided to educate him to what might actually be the situation.  

He looked very shocked when I did not agree with him but informed him that the bunny was likely doused with essential oils that help with stress. He looked at the young woman with wonder instead of disgust. I could literally see the wheels turning in his mind during the conversation that ensued as he opened it up to being kinder and less judgemental. Truly the conversation was life changing for both of us. His eyes were opened to a different way of thinking and I got to witness the beauty of a mind changed. Talking to people and helping them to see possibilities is truly a gift and moving. I do not mean a gift as in a skill but the emotional gift of witnessing it, is what every educator is looking for. The opening up of a mind. 

With his mind now open, the situation for that young woman and others like her was still not changed. There were a lot more people out there that still had no clue and I would never be in a place to chat with them. I was inspired and determined to find a solution. "What could the bunny be replaced with?" I wondered as I lay in bed that night.

You may have read the blog about my cat Scamp and his struggle with cancer and how the oils helped with his symptoms. I bring it up only as I believe I talked about the fact that I learned how to knit him a blanket a few months before he passed, so knitting things were very much on my mind as I was still very new to it and knitting made me feel close to him again. My Grandmother also, as she had tried to teach me as a child. But I digress.  

What could the bunny be replaced with??? Something small, inconspicuous and if noticed would be thought of as pretty, or nice. What would I be comfortable to carry with me that would still work? I lay in bed with lots of ideas running through my mind, a small knitted square, a key chain with lava stones and then it finally hit me. FLOWERS!!!!!!!  

Flowers that could be carried in a pocket and taken out to sniff when needed. They are soft and squishy which is also comforting being warm to the touch. The idea then moved forward with why keep them in a pocket? Why not wear them?! So the flower pin idea was brought to life. I carried one with me every day until my shift changed, but I never saw her again. I wanted to gift her one. To thank her for gifting me the idea.

I now make and sell the personal diffuser flower pins and gift a 50% portion of the profits to charity. The flower pins are for sale in the store portion of this website. They are made from 100% cotton so essential oils will be safe on them. I do hand knit every single one so some may be a bit bigger or smaller, each is as unique and the person they are purchased for, although they may be the same colour choice, no two are alike.

If you would like to purchase personal diffuser flower pins please follow this link to the STORE.

Remember I am here to help you on Your Road to ReNew You so if you have questions about the natural products that can help you or your loved one with stress, or have questions about the pi please contact me via the form below and I will be happy to get back to you. 


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