Oils for knitting

Ok, ok I can hear you saying... WHAT??? What are you talking about Beverly? Oils for knitting???

LOL 😄 yes, Oils are needed when knitting. At least I need oils when I am knitting. 😉 

In order to knit well, one must be alert. I knit socks mostly and when you are doing the toes, heels and well truthfully the whole thing but mostly the toes and heels you need to keep track of the rows and which rows you have increased and the rows you have decreased to keep the socks uniform. 

I did knit my logo,  and keeping track of that was important as I was doing it free-form and was creating the pattern as I went.

When knitting socks,  I generally use knitting needles that are joined by a cord so knitting in-the-round is easy. I do not have to remember if I am knitting or purling as all I have to do is knit. Two socks are easily done at the same time, so they are the same length and any mistakes on one can be repeated on the other. HA HA   There is still a lot to concentrate on however. 

To help me concentrate, I like to use peppermint in the diffuser with marjoram and Frankincense to continue t stay focused. 

I am fairly new to knitting and seem to stab myself with the knitting needles regularly. I have yet to figure out how I do this but it happens.😂 I have fixed the problem I had from knitting to tightly however and do not have the callous at the end of my finger from forcing the needles through the tight loop. 

When I do stab myself, I rely on Frankincense, Helichrysum, and or Lavender for my go-to pain/bruise reliever choices. Who knew knitting could be so dangerous???? ha ha ha

Do not get me wrong, knitting is also fun. It has also allowed me to create personal diffuser flower pins. I created them for people who need to carry essential oils with them to help with stress. 

I used to drive a transit bus and there was a young woman who stood on a corner waiting for a ride and she had a stuffed animal with her, she would bring it to her face and breath in deeply. I would see her almost daily. One of my passengers made a very derogatory remark about a girl her age carrying a stuffed animal around. I was very upset and set him to rights but It got me thinking how I could help. Thus the flower pins were born. I do sell them and give the profits to charity. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Personal Diffuser Pin, follow this link. On the store page there are links to the charities that your purchase would support.

Anyway, regardless of what you are knitting, I hope you are more successful than I am at not getting hurt while knitting. 😉 Hope you are having a great day and remember I am here to help you on Your Road to ReNew You. Talk to you soon.

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