Rascal and Oils

Rascal loves essential oils. She seeks them out and even helps herself to my oil bag that I take to consultations. Rascal sits under the diffuser when Frankincense is in it. She even has very strong likes and dislikes when it comes to oils.

I try to honour her decisions but some of the oils she dislikes are the ones I like the best. Like Ylang Ylang, I make a hair spray with it as it is great for hair, but unless I am leaving the house I do not use it. Rascal really dislikes it. 

You can tell how much your pet likes or dislikes an oil by the way they react to it. If every time you open a certain bottle of oil and they leave the area, you can take that as an indication of their thoughts. If your pet comes into the room, rubs on your hand or licks it, then you know they like that oil. 

OnGuard is one of those oils you need to be careful with for cats, but Rascal really likes it. Generally if you have a cat coming into your garden, placing orange peels in the garden will get rid of them, but Rascal like the orange in OnGuard. Crazy eh? 

Recently she was having a bladder issue again. Reading all the misinformation when I was new to oils, still has me a bit skittish, but I know oils make a huge difference and help her so I choose to diffuse when she has a bladder issue. OnGuard and Juniper berry are her oils of choice to support her body. Sometimes she will pick something else but that is her combo of choice most of the time.

Whenever she has an issue I pick a few oils that are recommended to support the body for that particular issue and let her do a self selection. I rarely remember to take a video when we do this unfortunately. Rascal has strong and definite reactions about what she likes or dislikes. Previously I posted a video of her in my second blog. Here is the link. to check out the video.

Rascal jumped down off the cat tree on Wednesday last week and started to limp. She chose marjoram so I diluted it to 50-1 and put some on her pads on that foot. The swelling that had started dissipated and she moved better. It was not a cure for her sprain but she did feel better and was able to move around quite well.

I am so grateful that I empowered to help Rascal. It is such a simple thing but wow how it makes me feel knowing I can help. I do not have kids but I can see how a Mom could feel being able to help her kids with such ease and effectiveness. Having such powerful tools at my finger tips is empowering.

I love Rascal. She is my friend and confidant. Please post what pet you have and their names in the comments below. How many animal lovers do we have out there? If there is some how you would like to help your pet comment below about that also or contact me contact me using the form in the contact tab. Every about 13 weeks we have a continuing education class on Pets and Essential Oils. For the summer classes are only on Wednesday evenings, come September the will also be Saturday mornings. Check out the events tab to see when the next class is scheduled. 

Remember I am here to help you on your road to renew you. God bless.

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