Forty-Third Blog  Bathroom Diffuser BLends

Bathrooms, like we talked last week are a room we can not avoid. We are in there many times a day for of all kinds of reasons. Why should our bathroom not smell great? Why should we not have our time in there help us to feel calm or be up-lifted? The most studied aspect of the benefits of essential oils is emotional support. Diffuser blends are a great way to support ourselves. The bathroom can be a source of that support.

Last week I promised you some bathroom diffuser blends to help wake you up in the morning or ones to use when you want to have that calming soothing bath spa experience. The morning diffuser blends will be great to help you wake up and the relaxing diffuser blends will help you have that spa experience when relaxing in the tub at the end of the day.

Morning Diffuser Blends

Air Freshener                                    Citrus Bath Bomb                              Freshen Up
2 Purify                                              3 Citrus Bliss                                       3 On Guard
2 Lemon                                             2 Tangerine                                         2 Eucalyptus
2 Grapefruit                                       2 Lime                                                  2 Juniper Berry
1 Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Relaxing Diffuser Blend

Tranquility                                           Zen                                                   Put Your Feet Up
1 ZenGest/DigestZen                         3 Balance                                         3 Lavender
3 Lime                                                   1 Lavender                                       3 Copaiba
2 Patchouli                                           2 Console                                         3 Balance

Bonus Diffuser Blends

Powder Room                                 Shower Time
2 Peppermint                                  2 Helichrysum
2 Spearmint                                    3 Green Mandarin
2 Wild Orange                                1 Ginger 

These are bathroom diffuser blends however you do not have to only use them in the bathroom. If you like them, use them in any area that you wish. The "Zen" diffuser blend would be good for your kids bedrooms. The "Put Up Your Feet" could be good in the living room when you are winding down. Let me know which diffuser blends you like and which rooms you use them in by commenting below. 

If you have any questions please ask or fill out the form in the contact tab. Looking forward to helping you on Your Road to ReNew You.

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