Growing, Harvesting and prep

I love this time of year, well, spring right through to the first frost anyway. It is harvest time. I was blessed with green leaf lettuce right from early spring. They grew from seeds that dropped form the hanging baskets of leaf lettuce that went to seed last fall.  Then shortly after getting beautiful leaf lettuce to enjoy, there were green beans and cucumbers to enjoy.

We all know food prep is important. Washing all the surfaces gets contaminants and possible germs and bacteria off the fruit and veggies. It has been said for years however, just a rinse in running water is not enough to clean them. 

So before I make pickles or enjoy salad, after doing the initial washing I use essential oils as a food rinse and it really works. I have believed that fruit and veggies were clean coming from the garden only to soak them for a short time with essential oils and found sediment in the bottom of the metal bowl. The sediment has included black stuff that could have been bug poop or eggs. I am very glad that the essential oil loosened the hold of them on the veggies. 

One of the cool things about soaking veggies and fruit in in essential oils, is everything takes on a citrus flavour. My favorite oil to use is Lime. Lemon is great too. Pick your favorite citrus oil and enjoy.

The title of this blog talks about growing as well as prepping food. So lets talk a bit about using essential oils to keep your plants growing well. Let's talk pest control. Recently I discovered that Geranium plants can paralyze Japanese beetles. This is good as these beetles decimate all plant life in their path. So I tried Geranium essential oil and it works! The beetles left the area and it killed the larva. It did not stop them coming back however to help keep them away I have put Geranium on cotton yarn and woven it around the plants and hung them on the cages that I use to keep the tall plants contained.    

Because I am using essential oils on the plants to attract pollinators and get rid of pests I have an amazing crop and eat fresh grown veggies every day. If you would like to learn more, ask questions below or join us for the continuing education class about Gardening and Essential oils. Check out the EVENTS page to see when the next class is. It comes around about every 13 weeks so if you do not see it listed now check back in a few weeks. 

You are welcome to join us for any and all of the classes, remember I am here to help you on Your Road to ReNew You.

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