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               It is Convention time!  Heal is this years THEME 


 Emily Wright is one of the founders of doTERRA and she introduced our first new product. 

    Mint is one of the most used essential oils in the world and this new blend has 4 MINTS in it!
The combination of the 4 mints; Peppermint, Spearmint, Bergamot Mint, and Japanese Mint creates synergy.  This blend is 50% Menthol and menthol is what creates the cooling feeling on the skin. 

Menthol itself is a 30 Billion $$$ industry and has been produced synthetically since the 1970s. It is actually more common to isolate the compound from essential oils like corn mint. The process is to freeze the oil and crystallize out the menthol. Which is then extracted. Menthol is then used in products to create a cooling effect.

"When we set out to create Supermint we all envisioned a product that had the intense cooling effect that we all love. We knew we had to do that with menthol. Well... it was suggested that we could increase the cooling effect by adding menthol crystals. BUT at doTERRA we believe in the power of the whole plant.  We said, Thanks, but NO."   Emily Wright

 The time was spent trying different blends of mints until they reached the current powerhouse combo that gives the menthol content that was desired. By having whole mint compounds, included in this blend are carvone and menthone, which help other constituents absorb through the skin. This synergy is is one of the many reasons why the complete chemistry of a plant is so important. Whole chemistry means no adulteration, keeping the integrity of the essential oil, and you gain all the benefits of pure essential oil.   

"We will never try to alter what Nature creates so perfectly. Never."  Emily Wright


  Hope Blend although not a new blend, there has been some changes. Now, when you purchase Hope not only do proceeds go to charity you also gain some PV, helping  just one more person ( You ) when you purchase Hope.


  Have you been looking for Palo Santo essential oil? Here is ours!    Guaicwood is a Palo Santo wood that is sustainable sourced! 

      Most of the palo santo wood on the market is not sustainably sourced. I have had people asking for this oil for a while and they had expressed concerns in being able to find it. 
      I now understand why. When Emily was introducing this oil to us she shared with us that in order to get to the trees one must go past poisonous snakes, alligators and other treacherous conditions. 

     There is so much essential oil in Guaiacwood that after being cut, the essential oil oxidises and the wood turns blue. This is truly a precious addition to the doTERRA family of essential oils.


This next essential oil has been prized throughout history. Used in religious and spiritual ceremonies and even cooking. The latin name of the genus literally means to save.

Last week I was cooking chicken, adding some Thyme and Rosemary essential oils for taste and I was thinking about the most common spice pared with chicken and wishing I had it to season with. 
      Guess what essential oil comes from Salvation Plant!

  Ready for some help in the cognitive performance department? There is positive clinical research that Spanish Sage can help to create a calm mind and sense of alertness when taken internally.


      You may be thinking, "Hey we already have Eucalyptus! What are they trying to pull?" Eucalyptus was with us from the very beginning, Uplifting refreshing and spa like.

 Eucalyptus is now a blend of Eucalyptus oils, which has allowed them (doTERRA) to uplevel an already amazing product. We are truly excited about this new eucalyptus blend. New science and new information has allowed the identification of the other eucalyptus oils that add truly amazing benefits of their own to the blend making this aroma superior to any other eucalyptus essential oil that is out there.

     Dr. Nichole Stevens spoke about all 5 eucalyptus essential oils being sustainably sourced. About how the chemistry of the blend being more consistent and reliable will mean we always get the results we are looking for. 


                             NEW member in the On Guard Family!


Wellness starts at the cellular level and that is why doTERRA has always been concerned about getting to the root of the problem. doTERRA is a wellness company and this is a groundbreaking and revolutionary product.

                          LifeLong Vitality is is the base and now we have the NEXT LEVEL! 

    So excited to introduce you to a product that will help the most people live their most powerful life. Temporary or superficial solutions are not enough. This new product will work at the root of the problem and support the body at the cellular level. 

         This product is something that will help close the gap between Health Span and Life Span. Every person that has tried these products has experienced radical changes in their life.  


                          You want to know what MetaPWR stands for right? so before we dig into the system parts and what they do for you.... Meta is short for Metabolic Health. PWR breaks down into three words. P stands for Personal - W stands for Wellness and R stands for Realized. So lets put that together   Metabolic Health - Personal Wellness Realized.

  MetaPWR  Step 1

                 Essential oil blend, Beadlets and Gum to help curb your cravings, and soft gels. Powerful support for overall metabolic health.
MetaPWR Step 2
                  MetaPWR is a paten pending sophisticated formula designed to support natural production of NAD in your body and replace vital collagen in your tissues. Which helps to slow the signs of aging from the inside out.  
MetaPWR Step 3

                  For all who are concerned about their Blood sugar level and want to support their system and get off the roller coaster here is your solution.


  Are you concerned about packaging? Are you concerned about toxic contents in your personal care products?    Here is your answer! 

       An amazing smell, a product that truly strengthens and cleans your hair. No plastic bottles to toss away and easy and convenient to use. 


    Now joining us permanently! An essential oil that has not been steam distilled for 600 years, one that generally is an absolute (oils are chemically removed from the plants) is coming to stay and not just for special offers. 

 Jasmine is special as the flowers are delicate and they start blooming at dusk. They start picking Jasmine at midnight as that is when they are at their most floral. 

What an amazing group of new products!
We have only covered a small amount of information here in this blog. Look to Weekly Wisdom lives of facebook and other blogs to learn more about each product. If you have questions please contact me directly or comment below. I am always here to help.

    Want to know when you can get them???

    Looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the new products! Please comment below or contact me directly to share. Looking forward to walking with you on Your Road to ReNew You.

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