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The days are getting cooler so it is a great time to be out hiking and going for long walks. The fall fairs are coming up soon. Days of harvesting veggies and flowers, getting ready to haul flower pots to the fair for classes are just some of the physical activities that the autumn brings. 

I wish I could be going for walks on paths like the one in the blog picture but my walks will be in gardens and soon around the Markham fairgrounds. Regardless of your fall activities you may be looking to make sure you are supporting your body. Inside and out.

Making sure you are eating right will make a huge difference in your strength. Eating right can be a challenge if you are on the go or hanging out at fall fairs. So many fun fair foods. Taking Life Long Vitality (LLV) can help you fill in the missing nutrition blanks. For more information about Life Long Vitality you can read my Third blog HERE or the Sith Blog for some science about LLV HERE.

Walking and hiking may have your feet sore or maybe your caves will be singing to you about how far you have been walking. I like Marjoram essential oil pared with a massage if possible and Deep Blue offers cooling and soothing. For more information about Deep Blue you can check out my Eighteenth blog HERE.  

If I have too much fun walking with friends and overdo the walking causing leg cramps at night, Lemongrass essential on my calves is the ticket to a restful sleep. Lemongrass is a "hot oil" and you always want to dilute it when using topically. The Hand and Body cream is wonderful to use for dilution as it moisturizes and the cream is rich and silky. 

So far I have only talked about using these oils when you are in pain, but you do not have to wait. When you are going hiking or know you are walking around that fall fair for hours, standing on concrete or any other physical activity you can use your favorite support oils BEFORE you head out and not have that ache or pain or reduce the issue and even increase recovery speed.  

When the Markham fair starts, it is a week long event for me. Being a volunteer for the flowers and plants committee means days for set-up and take-down in addition to the four days that the fair is open for fun and games. In order to get through the week I add an extra 1/2 serving of Life Long Vitality, it really helps my mind. Not only that I live on Lemon - Lavender - Peppermint combe to keep my sniffles at bay and also lots of Marjoram and Frankincense on my legs to keep them happy. 

There are lots of choices to naturally boost your energy as well. Mito 2 Max for one option. Oh and remember when you are eating all those fun fair foods to have some Terrazyme digestive enzymes with you to help your keep your tummy s happy as your taste buds. 

Enjoy your fall activities. Please share in the comments what your favorite activities are and what essential oils help you deal with any of the aches and pains you may have to deal with when you do them.

Remember I am here to help you on Your Road to ReNew You. Looking forward to hearing what you like to do in the Autumn.

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