WWL : New Products on the Canadian side and Diffuser blends

This week in Weekly Wisdom Live we talked about the new products available on the Canadian side and there was a request for diffuser blends. You will find diffuser blends at the beginning of the month in the Road to ReNew You newsletter, most of those are diffuser blends shared by doTERRA, but the request was for some more creative blends. I am not all that creative when it comes to diffuser blends.

What is your favorite diffuser blend? Please share your favorite diffuser blends in the comments below. 

I put Frankincense with everything. One of the combos I use a lot is Patchouli (for Rascal) with Frankincense (for myself). Occasionally I put in Adaptiv, Copaiba or Easy Air, however I just use what is needed each day for how I am feeling. If the combo smells good that is a bonus. (They usually do) I personally do not tend to make blends to make the area smell nice.  If I do find a combo that does not smell good (I have yet to find one I did not like) I would not use that one again. I will try in the future to be creative with my combos and keep track of the oils and number of drops used so I can share them. 

When it comes to diffuser blends I do have to be a bit careful. Essential oils are harder for cats to clear from their body than other pets so I stay away from some of the stronger essential oils and chose to use them topically instead. When you have a dog, the options are wide open. I keep to the oils that Rascal approves. Pure doTERRA essential oils are safe for your pets, cats included. Rascal loves essential oils. She tries to take them out of the bag on her own.

That being said I expect all of you are more creative. One of the combos I would like to use more is Spearmint and Lemongrass in equal parts. It is so uplifting and refreshing. Rascal does not approve of the combo, so I keep it to the bathroom when I do use it.

Here are the new items available in the Canadian cart.

            More Information                              
                   Myrrh Touch                  Supermint Touch                Vetiver Touch                       Eucalyptus

             More Information                              
                      Jasmine                         MetaPWR Blend           MetaPWR Beadlets             Mito 2 Max

       More Information
                PB Assist                         Supermint Beadlets             Supermint Blend

If you would like any of these products or more information you can contact myself or post questions in the comments section. There is an information button below each picture that will give you information and also let you add the product to your cart for purchase.

Looking forward to seeing you on the next Weekly Wisdom Live on Zoom or in the Facebook Road to ReNew You, Living group. 

Remember to post your favorite diffuser blends in the comments below.

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