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Recently I was at a friends place and her adult children got in to an argument. My stress level with the PTS went nuts ( #metoo ) but it was watching the kids reactions to their uncle and mothers fight that really upset me. 

I did step in and put a stop to it after a bit (really I felt it was not my place so I said nothing for a while) but the situation was not pretty. The two kids are young, both under ten years. They started out running back and forth between the arguing adults and their grandmother. I think they were trying to get her to do something. 

It actually reminded me of my horse Jet, when my nephew went into the chicken coop alone. His father and I had seen him go in and were not concerned, but Jet was. Jet ran between the chicken coop and the boys father and then to the coop and then to me and back to the coop. The situation with the horse was funny, the one with the kids was not.

The looks on the kids faces were of worry and fear. The younger, the daughter was trembling and literally wringing the little blanket she had brought with her and she looked as if she would break out crying any moment. The son had gone back to the room that their mother was in so other than the first running around I did not see what his other reactions were until those that came later.

Like I said to start, the stress I felt, was, beyond, I wanted to bolt for the door but it was blocked by furniture that was being removed from the house. What had me stepping in to stop the fight however, was the kids. I could see the trauma they were in. I could see the stress. I wanted, needed to help.  I wish I'd have had, a whole box of oils with me. 

I wanted the blends Forgive and Peace to put on the adults. I was wishing for a diffuser with Wild Orange to uplift the mood afterward. (One of my business partners uses Peace and Forgive on her kids when they get into a tiff. She says it works great.)

All I had on me was the seasonal roller I make with Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. I used it on me. The Lavender helped some to settle my nerves but did nothing for the others. I wanted a diffuser and Adaptiv blend or Balance blend to help calm things down. When I got home later, I did use Adaptiv blend, Wild Orange and Frankincense to calm my nerves. 

It got me to thinking about how much stress there is for kids. Not just when adults argue but the whole Covid thing and how people have not been socializing. It also got me to wonder what kind of inability kids will have with getting back to doing group sports, sitting in classes, going to the movies and more. How much fear is there now for kids when they are even in small groups? What is it like for them in a crowded store?

I am grateful there is a line of kid friendly essential oils that are safe and effective. One of my friends says she is always making rollers for herself and then her kids take them. She does make more and is quite ok with it. It makes me smile that her kids have embraced essential oils and are not afraid to use them to feel better. I think, from the kids line, the blend I would most like to use is called Brave. I need to be more brave.

The whole thing also got me to thinking about a women I met at a book event. Her name is Charlene Renaud and her book is called Precious Pinata. It comes with a cute Pinata toy and helps children learn how to deal with their emotions and life issues. She has no idea that I am mentioning this here. So if you look into the book please let her know I have posted a link in this blog to her book. The book is designed for children for up to age 12. It helps kids understand healthy ways to deal with life issues. I read the book and see just how it would be great for opening conversations with children. 

If you do get the book, having essential oils to help support the process would be also be good. Let me know and I will walk with you to get the correct essential oil with each situation. the book is not required for us to talk about this though.

Hope you are having a great not stressed day. Go enjoy the sunshine and some Citrus Bliss blend to bring the sunshine into the house. 

If you have any questions about the kids line of essential oil rollers you can click here or connect to me via the contact tab. There is help if your kids are dealing with some issues.

Remember I am here to help you on your road to renew you. If you have any questions please post below or use the contact tab at the top of the page. Have a great day. 

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