68 A Day with Dr. Hill

Dr Hill is a founder of doTERRA. I had the privilege to spend all day Wednesday with Dr Hill.  Listening to Dr. Hill talk about essential oils and the science behind them, is always exciting, and makes my head hurt with all I learn. I love it.

I was originally trained in AromaTouch with Dawna Toews in March 2015 but there is NEVER a good reason to pass up time learning with Dr. Hill, not even a big snow storm. Lots of others agreed and the AromaTouch training was a full house even with the expected snow fall.

AromaTouch Technique (ATT) makes a difference. Science has proven that when you use high quality, pure essential oils there are changes in the body. Essential oils are natural chemical compounds that can communicate with our cells. When you add the touch of a hand, the power is incredible. The absence of touch has been shown to be a correlated with negative health outcomes such as anxiety, depression and immune system disorders. So the combination of oils and touch create a beneficial effect that the whole body feels. 

One of my friends and I both suffer from stress related issues. We used to give each other ATTs but our schedules no longer mesh. Which is sad as we both found great benefit. With the use of AromaTouch it was easier to think and stay connected with the present. Our stress levels were lower, I really miss our weekly AromaTouch get-togethers.  

AromaTouch oils and blends are chosen on purpose. Dr Hill over a period of trial, chose the eight essential oils and blends in the application for their specific attributes. Not just the attributes on their own but how they worked together to crate a building, progressive, experience.  

Dr Hill was driven by the outcome he was trying to create. He said with a smile on his face and arms open wide "IF you had come by my office in that day, you would have seen big groups of essential oils separated into four categories on my desk"

Pairs of essential oils cover four themes of well being. The first pair of oils used is Balance blend an Lavender. They bring Relaxation and calm. The next two essential oils are Tea Tree and On Guard blend the help your body with proper immune response. The third pair are AromaTouch blend and Deep Blue blend, they help you body with pain and inflammatory response. The last pair are Wild Orange and Peppermint essential oils. They bring your body into homeostasis. Until this class I had always thought of homeostasis as "to be in balance" Dr. Hill said that is not the meaning. What homeostasis is when the body is able to adjust and adapt well with its' surroundings. This explanation makes so much more sense to me considering my experiences.

AromaTouch hand movements matter, they have purpose. There is technique to how the essential oils are applied. AromaTouch utilizes know Contact Points and Body Meridians by using Organized Technique Hand Patterns. When doing an AromaTouch application we do work through the five zones on the back and feet. Think traditional Chinese medicine touch points. Remember I remind you about your feet and hands having a touch point for all of your body? The spine and back, where we are applying the oils are also connected so your whole body. 

AromaTouch can be learned by everyone. Do not get worried, anyone can do this technique. Kids can learn how to do AromaTouch and even love doing it. Names for the movements like "thumb walk" and "palm slide" actually are what they sound like. The palm slide is done by sliding your hands across the back and the thumb walk, is more of a shuffle really, along the foot from the heal to each toe or wrist to finger tip. The movements are easy to learn and can be taught in an afternoon. 

Are you ready to have an experience with AromaTouch?
If you have never received an AromaTouch experience, contact me and we can set one up. 

There will also be in-person classes set up in the near future, keep an eye on the EVENTS tab. If you would like to host an AromaTouch class please let me know. There are gifts for all class hosts.

Bonus Tip: Dr. Hill stressed how and why we dilute essential oils. It has to do with where you want to feel the effect of the essential oil. Is it something you want to feel systemically, all over your body? Or is it something that you want to stay localized? 

For example: If you have a sore ankle and wish to use peppermint to help, (*Peppermint is used in aromatherapy to help relieve aches, pains, and rheumatoid arthritis.) you would dilute so there would be a localized affect. The help from the peppermint would then stay in the area of your ankle.

If you were having digestive upset and wanted to support your whole digestive system you would then use Wild Orange, or Lemon, or Peppermint, (*Wild Orange, Lemon and Peppermint are used in aromatherapy as a carminative and antispasmodic to relieve symptoms of digestive discomfort.) across the abdomen in what is called neat, or undiluted form, to support your whole digestive system.

I had never looked at dilution in that way before. A real eye opener. Hope this helps you when you are trying to decide "dilute or not to dilute" in the future.

Comment below or get in touch via the CONTACT tab. Looking forward to helping you find your solutions that actually work. Walking beside you on Your Road to ReNew You. 

*These claims are supported by Health Canada.

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