70 AromaTouch, YES!

I Love AromaTouch. Since the event with Dr Hill a few weeks ago when he challenged us to give as many people as possible, an experience with AromaTouch. I have had the privilege to share free AromaTouch Hand techniques with "a-lot-o-people"! 

It has been nice to get out and talk with people again. I may be drinking way too much peppermint tea however. Hahaha

Aromatouch is an amazing way to connect. The power of touch connects people even without essential oils. The organized hand movements of AromaTouch help the whole body by activating natural pressure points throughout the hands. If there has been a stress filled day, an AromaTouch Hand Technique can help destress with the use of Lavender and or Balance blend essential oils. If someone is feeling down the Wild Orange and Peppermint uplift and help the body to adapt to its' surroundings. 

Essential oils are powerful. It really does only take just one or two drops of Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) essential oil to make a huge difference. There are two other pairs of essential oil in the full AromaTouch and they are, Tea Tree and On Guard which help with immune support, and AromaTouch blend and Deep Blue that help support the inflammatory response in the body. There is a major difference in how one feels after the application.

In one drop of doTERRA peppermint there are one million trillion whole compounds. Ok that is a really big number, let's break that down. First time I heard that I thought "Why do they not just say three million" I could not get the fact that it really meant there were a million - trillions, which are each made up of three millions, in my head. Mind boggling number... anyway that means there is more than 3 compounds for every cell in your body. That is powerful. 

I love watching how people react. Today I watched a friend experience the AromaTouch with Balance blend. We were having a very animated conversation before the application of essential oils and then when I was doing the AromaTouch she was having a hard time relaxing so we decided that along with the Wild Orange and Peppermint we would add some Balance blend. My friend was visibly calmer and relaxed, very chill. Our conversation continued and became animated again but with much less urgency. It was good time spent together.  

AromaTouch makes a difference. There are a lot of stories I could share with you here. One about a father and his teenage daughter that were loosing a connection until one day she was inconsolable and she just wanted her dad and for him to do an AromaTouch. We could talk about the help for people with issues off attention and concentration that find AromaTouch makes a difference, or even my own experiences that it makes a difference with physical pain an how it helps me with PTS. 

But let's book you an experience instead. There is an opportunity to join us at an upcoming class. Dates are added all the time. Check in the EVENTS tab for the next available date. You can book a class in your home or ask for us to come and share the experience with you individually. You can contact me here or make a comment below.

Opportunity for on-line training with Dr. Hill. Not as fun as in person with him but just as informative. You can gain access to the Dr. Hill training anorder your AromaTouch kit Here. Remember you can still have me drop in if you are close enough to help, you and your loved ones learn to AromaTouch.

I am always here to help you on Your Road to ReNew You.  Looking forward to chatting with you soon.

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