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I am so excited for all of you! This week is Leadership week and there are some great announcements that will help you get your doTERRA products for free. 

You do not want to do the business. I get that. You do not want the responsibility of teaching classes and contacting people. 

However you love using doTERRA and they have changed your life. I hear you. Those TerraZyme digestive enzymes, the Life Long Vitality vitamins, and PB Assist+ have supported your digestive system and now it works. AND now with the new MetaPWR system how can you stay silent, right? Your life has changed and you want to tell people about essential oils and natural solutions but you do not want to do the business.

Your life has improved by using essential oils and natural solutions to; boost your immune system, help when spring comes to keep your symptoms under control, or look after those sprains and strains when sports get too rough on you. You love what the oils do for you but you are not wanting to take on doing the business. 

doTERRA understands. You want to help your friends and family. It is in your nature to help whenever you can. There is not a day that goes by, where you do not share news about that great new restaurant, or the story about the great customer service that you received shopping for new clothes. You want to share because you care. 

You care about people and doTERRA has made it easy for you to share!

You now have a new way to share! You will soon find a personalized link that you can share. It will be easy for you to share and give to your friends and family. We all have that person who we help that then asks "How can I get some of that?" You will be able to quickly and easily send them your link.

When you share the link you will earn doTERRA Dollars. These dollars are not to be confused with points. These are dollars that you can use to pay for your products in the future. For every person that you give the link who places an order, you will earn 20%. 

Your friends will receive a free membership when they use your link. So everyone wins. Your friends will get 25% off for a year and you will get some free products. 

Your friends will have questions. When they do, remember I am here to help. You do not need to have the answers. Let them know I am here to help them on their road to renewal. We have continuing education classes so everyone can stay confident in their essential oil and natural solution use. I will also send them an email welcoming them to the group and looking after them for you.

Continuing education classes are back weekly in April. Keep and eye on the events tab to see upcoming classes. Currently next week there is an AromaTouch Hand Technique class and also a Gardening class coming up later. Your friends can also join in one of the Thursday beginner classes at any time. They can register at this link or use the events tab above. 

Looking forward to helping you continue on your road to renew you and helping your friends on theirs.
If you have any questions please feel to contact me by direct message or commenting below.

Are you excited?

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