72 Today pain was debilitating

I had a headache today that had me hiding, looking for a dark place, and surprisingly for food.

I have not had pain like that since previous to 2014 when I started using essential oils. After being assaulted in 2001 the pain in my head up to 2014, was debilitating. It was painful to attempt to think, to walk or move, and to hold my head off my shoulders. Between stress headaches, physical injuries, and migraines my life was a nightmare.

I had accidently used peppermint on the back of my head and experienced inflammation and pain reduction for the first time in thirteen years. It was life changing. A revolution. I was reminded of  pain today. I was reminded to be grateful. 

Before 2014 I tried prescriptions for the pain and inflammation, but they caused other issues. One of the prescription medications i was on, was taken off the market due to a class action about the side effects. One of the side effects I experienced was digestive system disruption. 

I was reminded today why it is so important to share solutions that actually work. Rarely do I experience a headache anymore and my digestive system is so much better. Finding a natural solution, one that does not worry me about side effects, is really important. Now I am never found without my oils. The headache I had today ran away with me as I did not get after it right away. I ignored it. If I had used something as soon as I noticed the pain, I would never have been in so much pain. 

There are a lot of different types of headaches. There are tension - stress headaches, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, and probably the most commonly know migraines.  

Headaches can be felt in many different ways or places. There are forehead pains, pain behind the eyes or cheekbones, at the back of the head, pain on one side, pain that travels from the back to the front and whole-head pains. 

There are many triggers for headaches. Stress, lack of sleep, not eating on time, caffeine withdrawal, and alcohol use, smoking, low spinal fluid pressure in the brain, arthritis of the upper spine, a pinched nerve, or trauma. Today mine were lack of sleep and not eating on time. Things that I could have prevented. 

Regardless of the triggers for mine or your headaches, there is help. Natural solutions are effective and Health Canada supports the Claims of essential oil use in aromatherapy. 

Take Peppermint for instance, my first go-to, is registered as a NHP (Natural Health Product). It is used in aromatherapy as a nervine and calmative. Meaning it calms nerves that are inflamed and helps to reduce the pain. This is the essential oil that opened my mind to natural solutions because of its dramatic affect. After using Peppermint in November of 2014 I found out that it is also used in aromatherapy to help relieve joint and muscle pain associated with sprains, strains, and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Generally I put Peppermint directly on the part of my head that hurts and I soon feel better. Most often it is the back of my head. If you are putting peppermint on your temples do dilute to get a localized, concentrated affect, be careful of your eyes. Peppermint is very strong. 

Seek medical help if you have headaches often, if you do not know the cause, or they keep coming back. Remember you need to find out from a doctor what is going on if you have frequent headaches. There may be underlying issues you know nothing about and need to know. Always get help if you have headaches frequently or if they keep coming back. 

Lavender is another registered NHP with Health Canada. Lavender is used in aromatherapy to help relieve headaches, it is also a nervine and calmative, and also used in aromatherapy to help relieve joint and muscle pain associated with sprains, strains, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Bergamot is also an NHP registered with Health Canada used in aromatherapy to help relieve headaches. Remember with a citrus oil there is a possibility for photosensitivity, so stay out of the sun if you use this on skin that is exposed to the sun. 

Helichrysum NHP, also one of my favorite oils, is used in aromatherapy as a nervine and calmative.
 Helichrysum is also used in aromatherapy to help relieve joint and muscle pain associated with sprain, strain, and rheumatoid arthritis. I love to pair Helichrysum with Frankincense. It is a synergistic pairing, and my go-to for everything. 

Lemongrass NHP is another registered with Health Canada, used in aromatherapy to help relieve headaches. However due to its strong, potent nature, not one I would use near my face and it should be diluted. Lemongrass is also used in aromatherapy as a nervine and calmative and to help relieve joint and muscle pain associated with sprains, strains, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Everyone has a different body chemistry, and therefore may have a different best essential oil that helps. For some it may be a combination like Peppermint and Lavender which is a preferred choice by many. There are other options of NHP registered natural solutions but these are a good place to start.

There are pressure points for your head on other parts of your body. You can put essential oils in other places and not just on your head to solve your headaches. Your right hand between the thumb and the next finger, on your feet - the pads of your toes, and down the back of your neck are all good places to use your essential oils. Remember to dilute for sensitive skin as well.

You can also Diffuse essential oils to help with headaches. Water based diffusers are a really good choice and they are gentler in the way they disperse. Some people when they have a headache are not only light sensitive but scent sensitive. 

If you know the cause of your headaches and wish to talk please fill out the form below for a free Wellness Walk. Remember I am here to walk beside you on Your Road to ReNew You. 

Looking forward to learning how you would like to be helped 
on your road to renew you.

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