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Watching the snow blowing tonight I am thinking about earlier when I was shoveling all that snow. When I finished my moms' parking spot and went in I had snow stuck all over me. Big clumps were in my hair on either side of my face, there was enough snow in my coat hood to make a snow ball, and my pants were soaking wet with snowmelt. The snow was still coming down so when I left the shoveling started all over again for her parking spot and then my place again also. 

Even with warm mittens the shoveling was not done before my hands were cold. I love my furry mittens. They are not water proof but they are fuzzy, and warm usually. My leather gloves would have been better as far as waterproof goes but were still wet from the first shoveling.  

Deep Blue Polyphenols were my shoulders' best friend today. The snow was wet and super heavy. With the torn tendons in my shoulder the deep blue polyphenols made a huge difference. I am grateful for them. I take a Deep Blue daily for the chronic issue but the extra one made a big difference after having to shovel many times today. 

But the big hero today? Arborvitae. The only thing that would warm up my hands again was Arborvitae. I tried holding my hands over the heater and rubbing them together, but the cold, white, clammy look of my hands stayed the same. When I put two drops of Arborvitae into my hand and rub it around on my palms and fingers, the colour started to return immediately. My hands were soon warm and pink again. 

I do use more than one essential oil to warm my hands. The other one I really like is Cypress. Usually I put them together but today my hands were so cold I just ran for a single oil. Arborvitae is a bit special as it is from British Columbia and Arborvitae means "tree of life". It sure feels that way for me when my hands get warmed up. It is not just a winter thing, even a warm summer rain makes my hands very cold.

Anyway, the tree out back is currently rocking wildly. The whole time I was driving over to my mothers earlier I was watching the trees on those streets do the same. It got me to thinking about how much I am grateful for. I am grateful for the fact that we live in houses not caves, for electricity to keep us warm, and essential oils the gift of the earth.

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