On the road

Fortieth Blog  How to beat the heat

Wow it is warm out there! So glad we are having good weather now, but the sun is beating down and I ...

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Growing, Harvesting and prep

I love this time of year, well, spring right through to the first frost anyway. It is harvest time. ...

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Oils for knitting

Ok, ok I can hear you saying... WHAT??? What are you talking about Beverly? Oils for knitting??? LOL...

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Grief and How to Help

We all have times in our life when we lose a family member. Sometimes it is a two legged family memb...

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Laundry Soap and dryer Sheets

Have you ever had a rash you could not explain, until you changed laundry soap and then it went away...

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Rascal and Oils

Rascal loves essential oils. She seeks them out and even helps herself to my oil bag that I take to ...

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Strawberries and Salad Dressings

No, strawberries do not have an essential oil . BUT it is strawberry season and there are so many t...

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Thirty Third Blog Wood Care

Let's talk about trees today. No, not tree essential oils yet, but trees. I love trees, watching the...

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Thirty-Second Blog You are What You Eat

I was recently reading an older Living magazine that doTERRA puts out quarterly in the U.S. market a...

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My Thirty-First Blog Making a Difference

Being a country girl with family that have been into horses and dairy cows for generations, doTERRAs...

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My Thirtyith Blog Sleep-less

Is this you? It was me. I think we all have had one or two nights like this on occasion, however if ...

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My Twenty-Ninth Blog Flower Power

So I guess you are thinking I am going to talk about the power of flower essential oils today. I am ...

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My Twenty-Eighth Blog Rocked to the Core

Recently we have been able to start getting out in person, to have contact with others and I have ha...

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My Twenty-Seventh Blog Broken toe and Sprained ankle

Wow summer is not even here yet and I have already broken a toe and sprained an ankle and a sprained...

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My Twenty-Sixth Blog Correct-X

Last night while I was teaching a class, I happened to look down and there was a purple polka-dot on...

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My Twenty-Fifth Blog Safe usage

Essential oils although are from plants that you would use daily you need to remember they are poten...

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My Twenty-Fourth Blog Insects

Ants, I hate ants in my house. It probably has something to do with an incident as a kid.  When I wa...

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My Twenty-Third Blog Gardening with Oils

Are you wondering what essential oils have to do with your garden? Are you ready to start your seeds...

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My Twenty-Second Blog  Scamp

This is my boy Scamp. We lost Scamp a few yeas ago to lymphoma, essential oils helped him feel bette...

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My twenty-first Blog 1 Drop of Oregano

One drop of Oregano . I once thought "What could one drop off essential oil do?" 100% pure, and not ...

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