On the road

Fifty-Seventh Blog Smoking and Stress

Recently I had a long conversation with a friend who went back to smoking.  He was thoroughly unhapp...

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Fifty-Sixth Blog DIY for your BOGO Oils.

Hi everyone! Hope you are loving all your new or favorite essential oils that you picked up BOGO Wee...

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FIFTY-Fifth Blog How to USE BOGO oils on your road to ReNew You

Have you been enjoying the savings for BOGO WEEK? How many essential oils did you get this week? Hop...

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Fifty-Fourth blog REMEMBRANCE Day

November 11th, Remembrance Day.  Please take the time to remember fallen and current soldiers. If yo...

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Fifty-Third Blog DIY & Holiday Gift Giving

Love making your own gifts to give to family and friends? Here are a few ideas for you to create som...

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Fifty-second blog Let's Talk about Food

It has been a while since we have talked about using essential oils with favorite recipes. Cooking w...

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Fifty-First Blog METABOLIC update

Hi, so excited to share my first 10 days with you as I start to use the new MetaPWR System. I am loo...

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Fiftieth Blog kitchen cleaning DIYs

Kitchen cleaning with essential oils is so much fun! When using natural solutions in the kitchen you...

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Forty-ninth Blog  Metabolic Wake-up

My road to renew myself, started with the discovery of wheat being a huge problem. Changing my diet ...

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Forty-Eighth Blog Ouch My Hip

It is Markham Fair week and I have popped my hip out. Talk about pain and bad timing!   I have so ma...

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Forty-Seventh Blog Ready to go for a walk

The days are getting cooler so it is a great time to be out hiking and going for long walks. The fal...

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Forty- Sixth Blog    New Exciting Products

It is Convention time!   Heal is this years THEME        Emily Wright is one of the founders of doTE...

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Forty-Fifth Blog  Kitchen cleaning

Lemon is one of the best cleaning essential oils. I love it.  A while ago I had the opportunity to p...

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Forty-Fourth Blog  Beard Care

I had a conversation this week with a gentleman that was saying there were no uses of essential oils...

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Forty-Third Blog  Bathroom Diffuser BLends

Bathrooms, like we talked last week are a room we can not avoid. We are in there many times a day fo...

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FORTY-Second Blog   Bathroom Sparkle

We all need to get cleaned up and there are some things we all just have to do. 😉 BAthroom/washroom...

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FORTY-First Blog  living room.

I just love walking into a room with it smelling good. How about you? What is your favorite scent to...

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Fortieth Blog  How to beat the heat

Wow it is warm out there! So glad we are having good weather now, but the sun is beating down and I ...

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Growing, Harvesting and prep

I love this time of year, well, spring right through to the first frost anyway. It is harvest time. ...

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Oils for knitting

Ok, ok I can hear you saying... WHAT??? What are you talking about Beverly? Oils for knitting??? LOL...

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