On the road

73 Spring Cleaning DIYs

Spring is in the air. The first thing we want to do is clear out that winter stale air.   Bring on t...

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BOGO E-Book 

Hi Everyone! Here is a link for the March BOGO offerings e-book. Check it out and learn more about h...

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72 Today pain was debilitating

I had a headache today that had me hiding, looking for a dark place, and surprisingly for food. I ha...

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71 Free Stuff

I am so excited for all of you!  This week is Leadership week and there are some great announcements...

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70 AromaTouch, YES!

I Love AromaTouch.  Since the event with Dr Hill a few weeks ago when he challenged us to give as ma...

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69 Warm hands

Watching the snow blowing tonight I am thinking about earlier when I was shoveling all that snow. W...

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68 A Day with Dr. Hill

Dr Hill is a founder of doTERRA . I had the privilege to spend all day Wednesday with Dr Hill.  List...

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67th Blog Kids 

Recently I was at a friends place and her adult children got in to an argument. My stress level with...

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Valentines is just around the corner. Here is a quiz for you. Do not worry, there is only 1 Question...

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WWL : New Products on the Canadian side and Diffuser blends

This week in Weekly Wisdom Live we talked about the new products available on the Canadian side and ...

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Blog Metabolic Update

Wow I am loving this! I have people commenting on how good my face is looking. I have so much more e...

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60 Better Skin Part Two

In our last blog we talked about the 80/20 rule, how you can help yourself on the inside 80% to clea...

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fifty-Ninth Blog Better Skin

Last week on the Weekly Wednesday Wisdom Live we had a question about how to help your skin look bet...

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Fifty-EIGHTH Blog Stress Part Two

Starting where we left off last week. Adaptiv makes a huge difference. My friend has been using Adap...

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Fifty-Seventh Blog Smoking and Stress

Recently I had a long conversation with a friend who went back to smoking.  He was thoroughly unhapp...

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Fifty-Sixth Blog DIY for your BOGO Oils.

Hi everyone! Hope you are loving all your new or favorite essential oils that you picked up BOGO Wee...

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FIFTY-Fifth Blog How to USE BOGO oils on your road to ReNew You

Have you been enjoying the savings for BOGO WEEK? How many essential oils did you get this week? Hop...

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Fifty-Fourth blog REMEMBRANCE Day

November 11th, Remembrance Day.  Please take the time to remember fallen and current soldiers. If yo...

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Fifty-Third Blog DIY & Holiday Gift Giving

Love making your own gifts to give to family and friends? Here are a few ideas for you to create som...

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Fifty-second blog Let's Talk about Food

It has been a while since we have talked about using essential oils with favorite recipes. Cooking w...

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