On the road

Tea Tree clean

Tea Tree: Probably one of the most used and still underappreciated essential oils.   Not one of my f...

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88 Mens Health

This is a topic a lot of men are concerned about.  One that is very common for men that are over 40....

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87 bug season!

It is bug season and if you are like me, hiding from mosquitos is not easy . I swear this year they ...

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86 Sandals and blisters

How are your feet fairing? Do your sandals fit properly, are they pinching or sliding? Do your toes...

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81 The MetaPWR Advantage

MetaPWR, the whole system is changing lives. I hear things daily of weight loss and increased energ...

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80 I was going bald

Yes I am talking about me. Women do go bald and or get thinning hair. We hear about male pattern ba...

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79 Why Network Marketing?

The tipping point is here. Which company are you building your worth with?  Are you working on your ...

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78 Has it happened to you?

May is Sexual Assault Prevention Month.  I was assaulted in 2001, it was a physical not a sexual ass...

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77 Evoking The diamond

Amazing support for business owners and team building. In doTERRA we are each in business for ourse...

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Continuing education #1

Hello and welcome to Road to ReNew You. Here is a video of Continuing education class #1 . This will...

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Blog 76 Move Passed Stress

Stress is something we all experience. It can be the momentary stress as you start an interview or ...

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Blog 75 Basil & Lemon oil Pesto

Saturday I was so frustrated. I searched everywhere for a gluten free and dairy free pesto. Earlier ...

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Blog 74 Spring Cleaning DIYs continued

bSpring cleaning is a big job.  Here are some more ways to get your home cleared of the winter blahs...

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73 Spring Cleaning DIYs

Spring is in the air. The first thing we want to do is clear out that winter stale air.   Bring on t...

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BOGO E-Book 

Hi Everyone! Here is a link for the March BOGO offerings e-book. Check it out and learn more about h...

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72 Today pain was debilitating

I had a headache today that had me hiding, looking for a dark place, and surprisingly for food. I ha...

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71 Free Stuff

I am so excited for all of you!  This week is Leadership week and there are some great announcements...

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70 AromaTouch, YES!

I Love AromaTouch.  Since the event with Dr Hill a few weeks ago when he challenged us to give as ma...

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69 Warm hands

Watching the snow blowing tonight I am thinking about earlier when I was shoveling all that snow. W...

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68 A Day with Dr. Hill

Dr Hill is a founder of doTERRA . I had the privilege to spend all day Wednesday with Dr Hill.  List...

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