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10% off Select abōde Products
Selected abōde™ Products are 10% off all March!

abōde™ helps your home be the sanctuary you desire. 

A clean fresh-smelling home is a must, but with all the things that go on in your home it may be difficult to achieve at times. Reduce the synthetics in your home by using the new signature aromatic blend abode, which contains powerful essential oils with a pleasant aroma that leaves you home smelling cleaner that ever and feeling refreshed. 

  • Abode plant-based cleaning products are free from phosphates, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, and chlorine 
  •  Multi-Purpose Cleaner: Tough on grease and grime in the kitchen, bathroom, and other non-porous surfaces 
  • All Plant-based formulated cleaning products include Thymol, widely known for its powerful cleansing properties
  • Abode cleaning products are formulated to provide a fresh, citrus aroma using abode essential oil blend. 
  • Packaged in glass or aluminum bottles that are recyclable
  • Liquid dish soap: Leaves dishes, glassware, pots, and pans sparkling clean 

Learn more about abōde™ by following this link.
Flower Diffuser Pins
Flower Diffuser Pins
Flower Diffuser Pins
Flower Diffuser Pins
Flower Diffuser Pins
Flower Diffuser Pins

Flower Diffuser Pins

Your hand knitted personal diffuser flower pin is made from 100 percent cotton. 
There are 3 Styles:  Rolled Rose,  Daisy type,   6 Petal flower. 

 Each one is unique just like you. There are a few colour choices but even if you and a friend have the same colour choice no two are exactly alike. Your diffuser flower can be pinned to your sweater, scarf, or hat to brighten your day,  help you rest when it is time to destress or even sleep when on your night table. Just ad a few drops of your favorite essential oil and you can have the calming or uplifting scent you want with you everywhere you are. 

Profit from each flower sold is donated to charity. At Road to ReNew You we support two charities.
Hummingbird Hub in Stouffville.
You can click on the charities names above or use the Contact form to learn more information about or how to support each charity.

To change from one Style choice to a different one, please choose "Please Select"  then the new style.

Please pick STYLE before Colour. Not all styles come in all the colours.
$6.00 - $7.00
(based on selected options)
Rolled Roses come in a veriety colours.
 Yellow / White Variegated,      Blue / purple / White Variegated,                           
  Brown Hombre / White        Blue Hombre / White 
  Fun Confetti                           Blue / Green / Rust / White Variegated  
Daisy Type flowers come in a variety of colours.
Light Blue                                           Yellow / White Variegated
Purple / Blue / White Variegated       Yellow / White / Orange Variegated
Brown Hombre / White                     Rose hombre / Green Hombre/ White 
Blue / White / Tan Variegated
6 Petal Flowers come in a veriety of colours.
Each of these flowers are unique in the combinations of colours. The combos may vary a little.
Burgundy with Yellow/white petals and green center
Burgundy with blue petals and light purple center
Light Purple with purple variegated petals and white center
Rose and Green hombre
Purple White Blue variegated
Coming Soon Wild Rose Flowers with Lava Stones come in a variety of colours
Blue Hombre
Yellow Orange White Verigated