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Wooden essential oil holders

All Hand-Crafted wooden essential holders are made with love.

The Hand-crafted Pine wood wall shelves are made with glued biscuit joints with tight fighting and perfectly aligned points. You can count on these shelves to hold your oils and other items for years to come. Hardware package included so you can chose witch way you would like to hang them. All shelves include a triple clear coat finish with an option for staining. See below for information on stains. 
Hand-crafted Bar holders are made from 5/4 Cedar wood with a decretive edge. All holders include a triple clear coat finish.  

Please choose the STYLE First. This will allow you to pick a wall shelf or a bar holder.
Number of oils held is for the bar holders.
Bar holders will only come in triple clear coat, no staining.
Shelf style choses the alignment of the shelves on your wall shelf.
Shelf Sizing is the length of one side/segment of the wall shelf.
Shelf Depth is how deep the shelf is outward from the wall.
Number of oils Held
Shelf Styles
Shelf Sizing
Wall shelf depth
$9.00 - $50.00
(based on selected options)