60 Better Skin Part Two

In our last blog we talked about the 80/20 rule, how you can help yourself on the inside 80% to clear what our skin is showing us on the outside. This week we are going to cover the other 20%, what essential oils and other products will help on the outside to clear those blemishes. 

 In the Weekly Wednesday Wisdom Live two weeks ago we talked about a few essential oil pairs and how they help. They are listed below. We are however going to get more in-depth than just a quick list.

Lavender and Magnolia calm reactions, support healing and maintaining health tissues.

Sandalwood and Myrrh Soothe, Promote regeneration and toning.

Geranium and Neroli  Regenerate tissue and tone skin.

Frankincense and Cedarwood  Cleanse, restore, invigorate, and reduce inflammation.

Helichrysum and Yarrow/Pom regenerate tissue and reduce scarring. 

Immortelle Blend restores, tones, and promotes anti aging

HD Clear cleanses skin, reduces inflammation, helps to eliminate blemishes, and acne. 

Correct X is an emulsion that is a blend of essential oils that are really great for skin injuries. 

How to use essential oils on your skin.

Our Skin is soft and pliable, well it is supposed to be anyway. We, you and I together, will get it there and find natural ways to maintain it. Our skin is the first defence for our immune system. It is the largest organ in the body. Our skin is the first thing people see about us. We all want to put our best "bare foot" forward.🦶

Start simple if you have dry skin in any form try the doTERRA Hand and Body cream. It is the best I have ever tried. Non-greasy, sinks in and feels like silk in your hand. It comes unscented in large bottles so you can have no scent at all, or your favorite scent as the situation demands. Often just the hand and body cream is enough to allay any moisture issue. 

There is also a Rose essential oil Hand and Body cream pre-made. Sales help fund the Healing Hands Foundation. Rose Hand and Body cream is one of my first places to go when I have contact dermatitis. It is so soothing and cooling. It feels amazing paired with Lavender or Peppermint when dealing with sunburn as well. 

You can use your favorite carrier oil, almond, jahoba, grapeseed, coconut. Whatever you choose is up to you. Remember your skin is already unhappy so dilute those essential oils you are putting on. Essential oils are very potent. For example 1 drop of doTERRA Oregano essential oil can season a whole pot of spaghetti sauce, 1 drop of doTERRA Peppermint has the same stomach calming capability as 28 cups of peppermint tea. You will only need to use 1-2 drop(s) of essential oil per use, even if you have a large area of concern. Carrier oils, start with the amount that will allow for a large area coverage or a small area depending on your need. Usually a 10 cent coin to a 25 cent coin size amount of carrier in the palm of your hand is all that is needed. Add your essential oils to the carrier oil and spread over the area of concern.

When you spread your essential oils remember you are not trying to rub them in. They will sink in all on their own. You are just spreading them over the area you wish to cover. Be gentle with yourself. It is surprising how often I share the hand and body cream or an essential oil and see the woman rubbing vigorously like they have to use the most pressure possible. Be kind to your skin. Just slide your hands along lightly and softly. Love your skin rather than "just slapping" something on. Your skin will love you back.

Seasonal issues can also cause skin irritations. TriEase is something you want familiarize yourself with for internal use when it comes to contact dermatitis. You can also use the Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint essential oil combo of equal parts, added to your hand and body cream or carrier oil for topical use. I keep a roller with me everywhere I go. This is a combo that I use regularly with Hand and body cream after peeling potatoes and carrots for my mother. My hands get very rough like sandpaper otherwise. 

Skin care also means face care. You may wish to check out HD Clean line for troublesome face issues click HERE. There are also two other amazing face care systems that you may wish to check out. I loved using the Essential Collection and one of my friends changed form a very expensive brand of face care to the Verage Line

There are a plethora of issues we can talk about individually but not enough time to blog about it here. 

So long as you know the basics you are on your way to better skin. Remember to be gentle with yourself when spreading topical applications, start with the inside for permanent change, and there is nothing wrong with trial and error.  Start with what you have and then broaden out with other essential oils and products. Ask question below or contact me directly. Drop in on Weekly Wisdom Live sessions to find answers. Join us for a continuing education skin care class. There is one approximately every 8-12 weeks.

Finding solutions that work matters. I am here to help you reach your goals on Your Road to ReNew You.

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