On the road

88 Mens Health

This is a topic a lot of men are concerned about.  One that is very common for men that are over 40....

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87 bug season!

It is bug season and if you are like me, hiding from mosquitos is not easy . I swear this year they ...

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73 Spring Cleaning DIYs

Spring is in the air. The first thing we want to do is clear out that winter stale air.   Bring on t...

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72 Today pain was debilitating

I had a headache today that had me hiding, looking for a dark place, and surprisingly for food. I ha...

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71 Free Stuff

I am so excited for all of you!  This week is Leadership week and there are some great announcements...

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70 AromaTouch, YES!

I Love AromaTouch.  Since the event with Dr Hill a few weeks ago when he challenged us to give as ma...

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Fifty-EIGHTH Blog Stress Part Two

Starting where we left off last week. Adaptiv makes a huge difference. My friend has been using Adap...

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My Sixth Blog LLV science

Hello! The last couple weeks I have talked about the Life Long Vitality and the dental products. I l...

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My Fourth Blog Stress and digestion

Stress is the catalyst of change for both the emotional and physical. Without stress ones bones wou...

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My Third blog is LLV For Me

My  road to doTERRA had a few zigs and zags in it. One was my discovery that my allergy to latex inv...

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My first blog On the road

So excited to be on this road with you! I feel called to share with you the things that have made a...

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