My Twenty-Seventh Blog Broken toe and Sprained ankle

Wow summer is not even here yet and I have already broken a toe and sprained an ankle and a sprained wrist.

Yeah, Natural Health Products to the rescue! 
So what is a Natural Health product? It is a product that nature creates that has healing properties. Health Canada supports claims about Natural Health Products know hereafter in this blog as NHP. 
I have been relying on raised limbs, cold compresses and warm water baths both with essential oils. 

Which essential oils do I use? There are lots of options and everybody has a different body chemistry so some essential oils work better for some people, and others essential oils wok better for others. There are some general as a rule best essential oil NHPs to start with. 

To start, in order for our bodies to heal, they need the building blocks required. Life Long Vitality (LLV) is a easily digested food sourced vitamin regimen that includes three NHP products and together they provide the building block of nutrition. I have talked about LLV before in a couple blogs. This is a link to one blog that shares some reasons why I love LLV.  Here is another link that covers some of the science behind LLV. There is everything you need to build a solid foundation for wellness in Live Long Vitality, everything from A to X (Greek alphabet sounds like Z). I can hear you saying "That is all well and good but what about the pain I am feeling now?"

There are lots of NHPs that help with pain and swelling. We will talk about just a few of them as I could go on for hours. ;0) One of my favorite essential oil NHPs is peppermint which helps to make my wrist, ankle, and toe feel better as it is used in Aromatherapy to help relieve joint and muscle pain associated with sprains, strains, and even rheumatoid arthritis*. The cooling effect feels great and when paired with Lavender the massage is so soothing. Peppermint is also used in aromatherapy as a nervine and calmative* so it helps reduce the pain. 

Lavender is also used in aromatherapy as a nervine and calmative* so you can see why a gentle massage paired with peppermint would be so soothing. Another essential oil that I find very soothing is Frankincense, it has a warming effect and also is a wonderful addition for that gentle massage.

Lavender and one of my other favorite essential oils - Helichrysum, are also used in aromatherapy to relieve minor skin irritations and cuts* so I have used them both on the abrasions and my toe. Helichrysum is also used in aromatherapy as a nervine and calmative* and thus is great for all of my current injuries including the bruises. 

One of the other NHPs I used on the bruises is Juniper Berry. Juniper berry is used in aromatherapy to relieve bruises, cuts and also as a nervine and calmative*. Like I began this blog, there are lots of Natural Health Product - Health Canada approved essential oils available to use this. Everyone finds their special blend of oils that they prefer. The ones I have mentioned are a great place for everyone to start as they help the bulk of people. 

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 *All claims are supported by Health Canada

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