Grief and How to Help

We all have times in our life when we lose a family member. Sometimes it is a two legged family member and others it is a winged or four legged family member. Non-animal people are thinking it can not be an equal feeling of loss, but it truly is. Recently I had a friend loose their dog. Both they and their other dog were grieving and the feeling of loss was overwhelming them. 

Natural solutions were their preference and they had heard essential oils could help support their mood. They looked into some studies on and were open to what I was to suggest. They asked, what I would use to help if it was myself. 

I first shared with them how much Rascal and I had felt after loosing Scamp and the oils that helped us feel better. We talked about the best oils for their dog first.  I shared with them Rascals choice of Patchouli and we started with that one but their dog did not like it at all. Every pet is different, each has their likes and dislikes. If you have more than one pet they may like something different. Their dog self-selected Console blend and Marjoram essential oil.

We put them into a diffuser and the combination helped my friends as well. It was interesting watching their body language as time passed. They had been quite agitated and fidgety when I first got to their home (Understandably as we were talking about their loss and their feelings.). After the diffuser was on for a bit, they visibly settled, calmed and the stressful expressions faded.  

My friend decided to try more than just the oils chosen by her dog. When I shared with her how Adaptiv continues to help me deal with PTS and the emotional rollercoaster I find myself on when I do not have any, She chose to start taking Adaptiv capsules and using a roller bottle of Adaptiv blend to take with her everywhere, so when she starts to think about her loss, she can put some on or smell directly from the bottle to help her settle. We talked about how adding Motivate or Wild Orange might just give her an extra uplift as well. Personally I like to add Motivate in every roller I make regardless of the reason for it. I find it helps me get moving and accomplish things. My friend chose Citrus Bliss. It makes her smile.

My friends dog is not fond of Adaptiv so she keeps Console and Lavender in the diffuser. Her dog does not like Lavender as much as Marjoram but finds it quite acceptable.  

I had a call from her yesterday. It was a happy call. Her dog is not mopping around anymore and is perky again. This has made her very happy. She herself is still sad but does not find she is dwelling on the sadness as much. She is finding it easier to concentrate on the happy memories and is grateful for the essential oils in her life. 

Just a note: The picture is not one of their dogs. Respectfully it is a stock photo so even though they have given me permission to share their experience, seeing their dogs would be painful at this time. 

Remember if you are feeling sadness or stress the most studied effect of essential oils is emotional support. Need some help? Feel free to comment below or contact me privately via the contact tab across the top. Remember I am here to help you on Your Road to ReNew You.

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